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Oct 18, 2012

Red Album Reviews

Hey guys, as most of you know Red has leaked. It was inevitable but let’s continue showing our support for Taylor buying her album when it is released. Leak reviews from major sites have been streaming in and overall everyone seems to enjoy Red!

Rolling Stone: Like Kanye West, Taylor Swift is a turbine of artistic ambition and superstar drama. So it’s no surprise she manages to make her fourth album both her Joni Mitchell-influenced maturity binge and her Max Martin-abetted pop move – and have it seem not just inevitable but natural. Read More

Entertainment Weekly: The writer James Dickey once described a poet as ”someone who stands outside in the rain, hoping to be struck by lightning.” He could’ve been talking about Taylor Swift. When the Dean of Tween isn’t inviting guys to meet her in the pouring rain, she’s courting danger any other way she can, just for the drama of it all. Read More

MTV: “This is the golden age of something good,” Taylor Swift sings on “State of Grace,” the opening track of her Red album, and though she says the song is about the promise of a new relationship, it’s difficult not to add additional import to the line — especially after hearing her fantastic new record in full. Read More

Pop Crush: Taylor Swift has rightfully earned her worshipped status as the poet laureate of teen girls. When she speaks, they listen intently, with no breaks in concentration. Swift wields power and magic over them, simply by being one of them. She’s alternately gorgeous, awkward, geek chic and approachable. Read More

4 Music: Last week 4music.com was invited to Universal Records for a sneak preview of the brand new Taylor Swift album, Red, released on 22 October. Although the LP is released in just a few days time, details have been sketchy (and top secret) as to what fans can expect from it. Read More

If you have listened to the album be sure to stop by our forum to voice your thoughts and opinions. Which one is your favorite? Which do you like the least? Join the members in our community to rate each song. We want to know what you think.

2 Comments on “Red Album Reviews”

  1. Actually, only one song has leaked (Everything Has Changed). The album reviews are a standard part of the release process, and come out a few days before a CD is released so that people know if they want to buy it.

  2. No the whole album was leaked because a walmart in arizona started selling it for whatever reason, but “Everything has Changed” was the one that had the most buzz around it.

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