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Jul 12, 2012

Ripple of Hope Awards

Robert F. Kennedy’s Center for Justice and Human Rights Ripple of Hope Awards are honoring Taylor this year. Monday, December 3rd, she will be honored at the dinner ceremony. Alec Baldwin is scheduled to be the Master of Ceremonies. This is a huge privilege, so congratulations Taylor! Click here to purchase a ticket or make a contribution!

9 Comments on “Ripple of Hope Awards”

  1. congrats taylor
    really its a great honor
    Nothing Is Prewritten And Nothing Can Be Re-Written all songs taylor use to wirte are awesome.
    So Write Carefully…
    Live The Best And
    Leave The Love.

    i lov u taylor swift
    frm india khadir khan

  2. yes! That would be awesome for her to win an Oscar.Taylor puts allot of time in her work and an Oscar would show her how working hard pays off

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