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Jul 15, 2011

Montreal, Canada Concert Photos

Taylor has successfully recovered from bronchitis and is back on tour! She performed for a crowd of 14,500 people at Centre Bell in Montreal, Canada last night. Check out the pictures in the gallery!

6 Comments on “Montreal, Canada Concert Photos”

  1. It’s a bit sad to see not many people comment any more, but dont let that worry you, Samantha & Hong, you guys do a wonderful job!! And thanks for the latest pics, Tay looks amazing and its great to see her back doing what she does best! :)

  2. This concert was the best one i have ever seen! i was singing the whole show and was standing up for the whole thing to! When she first came on stage i started crying! she is 10X more beautiful in person than from videos! my dream finally came true! i am still today freaking out about it! thanks for posting some pics <3

  3. Amazing concert! She rocked the stage. My dream finally came true. I singed my heart out. She was beautiful. <3

  4. Taylor wrote “When you’re alone you ain’t nothing but alone” by Bruce Springsteen on her arm – they have a thread on it on Taylor’s official forum, check it out :) Love how she does that!

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