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Jun 30, 2011

Glamour Photoshoot Outtakes!

We added 60 HQ outtakes from Taylor’s 2009 and 2010 Glamour photoshoots, along with 11 behind-the-scenes pictures! Personally, these are our favorite photoshoots she has ever done. She looks incredibly cute and gorgeous in the shots, so check all of them out! Please do not remove the tags if you want to use them. Hopefully there will be more photoshoot updates soon! :)

2009 Glamour photoshoot
2010 Glamour photoshoot
2010 Glamour photoshoot behind the scenes

5 Comments on “Glamour Photoshoot Outtakes!”

  1. Sooo cute! What I want to know is when will the “Speak Now” full shoot be released?? Apart from a handful of images, the most we’ve seen are the liner photos which match her songes (i.e., the “Mean” story photo, etc.). Does anyone know where these are posted or when they’ll appear?? Plus, I cannot wait to see more of her “Teen Vogue” session. =)

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