Mean is Taylor’s 3rd Single from Speak Now

Taylor’s new and 3rd Single from her new album “Speak Now” has been Announced and sent to country radio and its Mean. I was honestly hoping it would be enchanted but Mean is also a great song and I’m sure its gonna do well. The song reveal a new side of Taylor that we don’t see very often I have to say that I can NOT wait for the music video to be shot and release cuz I know its going to be wonderful and creative. Please share your thoughts on the new single!

Taylor Swift shipped “Mean” to country radio on Monday (March 7) as the third single from her third album, Speak Now. The new single follows the success of “Mine” and “Back to December” from Speak Now, which has sold 3 million copies since its release in October. After wrapping her Asian tour less than two weeks ago, Swift launched her European tour on Sunday night (March 6) in Brussels, Belgium. The U.S. portion of her Speak Now World Tour begins May 27 in Omaha.

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16 Comments on “Mean is Taylor’s 3rd Single from Speak Now”

  1. “Mean” is the perfect choice for a single. Guys Taylor is a country artist, you won’t see song’s like “Better than Revenge”, “The Story of Us”, or “Haunted” released to country radio. “Mean” is going to do amazing on the charts not only because it’s a great song but also because it’s different than what she usually releases. All her single’s have been about love. It was time she released a single that was different.

  2. I really hope the next video is either Enchanted or Speak Now. But I’m excited to see what she’ll do for Mean!

  3. YES Mean!!! I never in my mind possibly would have thought that she’d even perform it or release that song because it is so COUNTRY!!!!

  4. mean is the best song that written by taylor swift,, MEAN is talked about her past to our people who baing mean to her but its alright looks she now she big now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE love you TAYLOR SWIFT :-)

  5. I agree with Shannah. I never thought that Taylor would release Mean to radio because it’s so country and not likely to be a cross over hit. I’m so happy that she is going back to her country roots!

  6. This is good as it’s also one of her non-relationship based songs so it might finally shut up some of those critics out who claim all her songs are the same.

    Plus let’s face it the video has gotta be good =)

  7. oh, i thought it was enchanted!!!!! it has been my fav song!! but Taylor always made the best decision so i am also looking for it. can’t wait for taylor to perform it live!

  8. Probably part of the reason that Enchanted won’t be a single is because they will have to radio edit it because it is so long and you just cant cut out parts from any of her songs because they are all way to good and it would ruin them. Mean is a good choice to have though. I just wish some of her songs would get in the charts here in the UK for once rather than the same old R&B that not everyone likes by the way.

  9. Yes i prefer enchanted but i happy fot taylor
    I cant wait to the next single my favorites woul be:

    1 enchanted
    2 better than revenge
    3 the story of us
    4 speak now
    5 sparks fly
    6 long live
    7 haunted
    And the others: dear john never grow up innocent and last kiss
    Sorry for my bad english :S

  10. SOOOO Happy it is Mean :)
    One of my favorites too!
    It will do very well on country radio, can’t wait for the video!

  11. Since first single is ‘Mine’, second is ‘Back to December’ and third is ‘Mean’ and ‘The Story of Us’ (actually i do love Mean and The Story of Us).
    I hope the 4th is
    Enchanted > Long Live > Speak Now > Innocent > Sparks Fly
    (Sorry for my bad English too, and above’s just my opinion, I’m sorry if anyone of you don’t like it.)

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