New Message on Taylor Connect
December / 02 / 2010

Last night, Taylor posted a new message on her official forum Taylor Connect!  She talked about CMT artists of the Year and how much she had fun there!

So last night I attended the CMT Artists of the Year event. I had SUCH a great time because the event was so.. not event-ish. I got to sit with all of my friends and band.. We danced and sang to all the other performances— And I love feeling like all the other artists honored are my friends too. There were loving, “so happy to see you again” hugs given, and we got to watch some reeeeally cool performances.. Not sure how much I can give away about which surprise guests performed which songs.. but… it’s worth watching. Speaking of watching things on tv, the E! Special they did about my life and stuff is on tonight at 10/9c. Just wanted to pop in and say HI!!! (yes, in all caps) and THANK YOU (also in all caps) because you, as usual, have given me a lot to be stoked about. Alright. Time to get back to Christmas decorating and counting down to my birthday (11 days. 6 hours. Approx.)

I love you a lot.