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  Welcome to Taylor Swift Web, your oldest and most reliable resource for everything Taylor Swift. With nine years in the making, we aim to make your search for the latest Taylor news, photos, videos, and more as easy as possible. With over 180,000 photos, our gallery is the largest source for Taylor pictures on the web. While you're here, feel free to drop by our forum to talk with other Taylor fans from across the globe. Thank you for visiting and come again soon!  
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  Celebrating 10 Years of Taylor Swift Web!

Today, Taylor Swift Web is celebrating its 10-year anniversary! We appreciate and thank each of our visitors for their continuous support over the last decade. Without every one of you, our site would not have become what it is today. You’re the reason we continue to work hard to provide you with the latest Taylor news! We also have to give a big thank you to Taylor for inspiring our site, the opportunities her and her team have given us, and leading us to meet many other amazing Swifties! It’s been amazing to see our site grow alongside Taylor’s career and we hope you continue visiting our site. Here’s to many more amazing years together!

  Nine Year Anniversary at TaySwiftDotCom

Today we are celebrating our TaySwiftDotCom nine-year anniversary! To all of our loyal visitors – thank you for your support! You are the reason we continue to work hard on this site after so many years. Here’s to many more years of TaySwiftDotCom – cheers!

  8th Year Anniversary

We are celebrating our site’s eighth year anniversary today! Thank you all for the support you’ve given us throughout the years. Here’s to many more!

  New Layout

Welcome to the new Taylor Swift Web! In honor of the 1989 release week, we now have a brand new layout to celebrate! A huge thanks goes out to Archie for creating it!

We’re so excited to share it with you guys, and can’t wait to hear your feedback! We hope you enjoy it!

  7 Years Online

Another year has come and gone, meaning that our site is now seven years old! The site wouldn’t be what it still is today without quite a few people: first off, thank you to Samantha for starting this site and setting the foundation for what it has become! It would be nothing without her. A big thank you also goes to Hong for taking over and making sure that the staff is doing their jobs. Hong also fuels the site by paying for the layouts and hosting, and the merchandise giveaways, as well as supplying the site with ideas to keep it as great as it is. A special thank you also goes out to Kp, Mo, and Carolina for giving up their free time to dedicate themselves to the site. They have been here since close to the start, and without them things wouldn’t run the same. A thank you also goes out to Aljaz, Dany, NassauSwifty, Brooke, Sarah, Chris, and Joe for helping us out on the forum. Of course, we would also like to thank Taylor and her team for the continuous support and a reason to have a site like this in the first place.

Lastly, but most importantly, we want to thank you, the visitors! Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and are eternally grateful for your support. Here’s to many more years to come!

  New Gallery Layout

After months of waiting, we finally have a new gallery layout! It features photos from the gorgeous Glamour UK photoshoot and was designed by Archie. Many thanks to him for creating it and to Hong for financing it. Thanks for your patience as we worked to get it launched! We hope you enjoy it!

  Server Change

As you have probably noticed, our site has went back to the previous layout and was unavailable during the past day. This is due to us changing servers, and the new one was having issues during the change. It’ll be back as soon as the errors are fixed. The forum will be back up and running tomorrow. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but it’ll be worth it to have a faster and more efficient site! To stay updated, follow us on twitter @tayswiftdotcom!

  New Layout

Welcome to the new Taylor Swift Web! After weeks of working on the site, we’re finally revamped with even more goodies than before. First off, a huge thank you goes out to Archie for designing our gorgeous new layout for the fall and winter season, and thank you to Hong for purchasing it! The forum and the gallery will be getting a new layout as well very soon, so stay tuned. We’ve also added several new pages for you to check out. You can explore them by clicking on the links below. We’re so excited to share all of this with you guys, and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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  Our Apologies For The Inconvenience

As you probably noticed, our sites were down starting early Saturday morning. We had an issue with our host, but we are now back in full force! We are very sorry about the inconvenience, but we want to say thank you for your patience. We saw all of your messages on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and we are thankful to have you guys backing us up! Stay tuned, exciting things are around the corner.

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