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    MTV Interview
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    Taylor and Jack Antonoff talked about “You Are In Love” in this exclusive video for MTV. You can watch the video below!



    US Weekly + Billboard Magazine Scans
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    Thanks to our forum member RFK, we have added scans from the November issue of US Weekly and Billboard magazines. The Billboard scans features a new unseen outtake. Be sure to head over to our gallery to check them out!



    We Can Survive 2014
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    Taylor performed at the We Can Survive 2014 last night at the Hollywod Bowl in Los Angeles, California. You can see photos in our gallery and watch fan videos below!

    Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” Live at the Hollywood Bowl



    Alan Carr: Chatty Man
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    Taylor’s interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man aired today in the UK. It was really funny and she also performed “Shake it Off“. Make sure to watch the videos below!

    Alan’s Ribbon Dancing Fail With Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift Is Terrified Her ’1989′ Album Will Be Pirated
    Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (Alan Carr Chatty Man – 24.10.14)



    Out in Los Angeles
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    Taylor was seen earlier today leaving a building in Los Angeles, California. Later she was seen visiting her mom. We can see her in two different outfits and they both looked great! Be sure to head over to our gallery to check out the new candids!



    Billboard Interview
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    Taylor was interviewed by Billboard. She talked about 1989, her life, moving to New York and much more. You can read the full interview below!

    Your music and your life have both totally changed since your last album. What’s going on?

    I like to look at albums as being sort of statements. Visually, sonically, emotionally, I like them all to have their own fingerprint. This time I’m kind of just doing whatever I feel like. I felt like making a pop album, so I did. I felt like being very honest and unapologetic about it, so I did. I felt like moving to New York — I had no reason to, it wasn’t for love or business — so I did. I felt like cutting my hair short, so I did that, too. All these things are in keeping with living my life on my own terms. That’s what I’ve been celebrating about this phase in my life because it has made me really, really happy.

    Is that why you made “Shake It Off” the first single? It’s sort of like a mission statement about doing your own thing.

    “Shake It Off” is about how I deal with criticism and gossip and humiliation and all those things that used to level me. Now I deal with those things by laughing at them. I didn’t want it to feel victimized. Four years ago I put out a song called “Mean” from the perspective of “Why are you picking on me? Why can I never do anything right in your eyes?” It was coming from a semi-defeated place. Fast-forward a few years and “Shake It Off” is like, “You know what? If you’re upset and irritated that I’m just being myself, I’m going to be myself more, and I’m having more fun than you so it doesn’t matter.”

    Read More



    Jimmy Kimmel Live
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    Taylor made an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She did an exclusive interview and a free concert on Hollywood boulevard. She performed “Shake it Off” and “Out of the Woods“. Taylor looked beautiful and the performances were amazing so be sure to watch videos below and see photos in our gallery!

    Taylor Swift Performs “Out of the Woods”
    Taylor Swift Performs “Shake It Off”



    E! News Interview
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    Taylor was interviewed by E! News. She talked about releasing her first documented pop album, her cats, her life and more. You can watch the video below!



    On Air with Ryan Seacrest
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    Taylor stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s show yesterday in Los Angeles, California. She is co-hosting a 4-Hour Broadcast with Ryan on October 30th. They also posted a funny video, which you can watch on our Tumblr. We have added one picture to our gallery, click on the preview below to check it out!


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