July / 21 / 2015

We’ve added outtakes from Taylor’s Keds Ladies First Fall campaign to the gallery! Taylor looks great in all the shots, so be sure to take a look and click below.

June / 30 / 2015

Keds has released the first Keds on Tour video! The video shows Taylor speaking about the new 1989 Keds collection and shares a funny story about seagulls. You can watch…

May / 27 / 2015

Taylor attended the Keds and Taylor Swift 1989 Style Event in New York today! She was interviewed by Teen Vogue style features director Andrew Bevan. You can check out photos…

February / 11 / 2015

Keds released the first video of their 13 Questions for Taylor Swift special on their Youtube channel. They will release a new video each week, where Taylor talks about her…

February / 06 / 2015

New Keds Ads for the Spring collection and new outtakes from the photoshoot have just surfaced. Our gallery has been updated with the new ads and pictures from the photoshoot,…

February / 03 / 2015

A new Keds commercial for the Spring collection was just released. In this video Taylor talks about being self-confident about what you’re wearing and owning your style! She looks great,…

February / 02 / 2015

A new Keds photoshoot for the 2015 campaign has been released today. Taylor looks absolutely gorgeous in these pictures! We have added them to our gallery, be sure to click…

October / 15 / 2014

A new outtake from the fall Keds photoshoot has surfaced. Taylor looks really beautiful in it, so click on the preview below to check it out!

August / 28 / 2014

Keds has released a brand new behind the scenes video from Taylor’s fall photoshoot. In it she disscuses the fun part about style and her looks. Take a minute and…

August / 06 / 2014

Keds has released another behind the scenes video from Taylor’s photoshoot. In this one she discusses playing with masculine and feminime pieces. Take a look below!