September / 17 / 2014

The fourth “Shake It Off” outtake video has been released. In this one, Taylor tries to fit in with the group of animators, but she fails miserably. It’s hilarious, so…

September / 13 / 2014

The third “Shake It Off” outtake video has been released. Just like in the previous two, we get to see more awkward dancing from Taylor and it’s really funny! You…

September / 06 / 2014

Rolling Stone has released a brand new behind the cover shoot video. In it, we can see Taylor having an amazing day at the beach, and it’s really adorable! Take…

September / 04 / 2014

The second outtake video of “Shake It Off” has been released. In it, Taylor admires the ballet dancers and shows off some hilarious dance moves! You can watch the video…

August / 28 / 2014

The first outtakes of “Shake It Off” have been published on Taylor’s official YouTube channel! In the video Taylor explains that doing what you want is more important than fitting…

August / 28 / 2014

Keds has released a brand new behind the scenes video from Taylor’s fall photoshoot. In it she disscuses the fun part about style and her looks. Take a minute and…

August / 19 / 2014

Taylor has recorded an exclusive behind the scenes video, showing us the making of her new album “1989”! It’s an awesome video, so don’t forget to check it out below!

August / 03 / 2014

Three photos of Taylor rehearsing for the Speak Now Tour have been released. Click on the thumbnails below to check them out in the gallery!

July / 30 / 2014

ET has released a brand new video about the upcoming movie The Giver, where Taylor will make an appearance as Rosemary. In the video that includes exclusive clips from the…

July / 10 / 2014

During the filming of The Giver, Taylor did an interview about her role as Rosemary. She discusses why she connected to Rosemary, how she felt about playing Jeff Bridges’ daughter,…