Message from The Staff to our Loyal Forum Members

Since its creation in 2007 by original owner, Samantha, the TaylorSwiftWeb forum gave way to a thriving community for Taylor Swift fans of all ages. Life-lasting connections, friendships, and memories were made possible through this forum.

As a companion to our main page and photo gallery, the forum was a valuable and updated source for Taylor Swift content and discussion.

With rise of social media apps and platforms in the past 5 years, publishing Taylor Swift content has never been easier. Content traditionally done on desktop/laptops is now done in seconds via mobile apps. Consequently, many original forums members are now in their mid to late twenties and have moved on.
Moreover, many now rely entirely on social media apps for news and updates.

With a heavy heart, we have decided to close our forum on October 1st 2016.
This was a difficult decision for us - one that came after much deliberation and reflection.

The TaylorSwiftWeb Staff would like to thank all who helped grow and maintain our forum community! Samantha - for the creation of this incredible community, past moderators - for keeping our community organized and civil, and most of all - our loyal forum members!

All of you have made this a special place to hang out and form lasting friendships.

Note - while our forum is closing, we will continue to provide Taylor Swift content to our main page and across our various social media accounts!

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